How Kenya Confirmed the Deathbed of WTO: Reflections on the 10th Ministerial Conference

January 12, 2016 Horace G. Campbell

The outcome of the meeting, the so-called Nairobi Package, was a slap in the face for the peoples of the South. It was especially egregious that the US used the 10th Ministerial, with the help of the Kenyan leadership, to undermine the future of Pan-African trading relations and to drive a wedge between the BRICS societies and those that the US wants to manipulate in the poor countries. The 10th Ministerial has hastened the demise of the WTO.

Burundi: In Moments of Crisis the Wise Build Bridges

December 22, 2015 Rene Wadlow

The difficulties of restoring order in Burundi are strong. More basic reconciliation is even more difficult. The UN's Expert Mission is unlikely to discover new elements. Thus we must watch the situation closely and see what means to bridge building are possible.

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