US President Trump with Chinese President Xi Jinping at Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida. Photo: Reuters

Why Chaotic Uncertainty Reigns in Today’s World-System

September 18, 2017

Wild swings are the daily bread and butter of a structural crisis. This means that we shall live in chaotic uncertainty until the structural crisis is resolved in favor of one of the two prongs of the bifurcation. We need to concentrate our analyses and our actions on what makes it more likely that the progressive side of the bifurcation outweighs the reactionary side in the middle-term resolution of the struggle.

Women’s Rights and Movements

Women farmers at work in their vegetable plots near Kullu town, Himachal Pradesh, India. Photo by Neil Palmer (CIAT).

Women Farmers’ Land Rights: Closing the Global Gender Gap in the Midst of Climate Change

July 3, 2017

Climate change is ushering in new population dynamics. As men’s out-migration from indigenous and local communities continues to rise due to fall in land productivity, population growth and increasing outside opportunities for wage-labor, more women are left behind as de facto land managers, assuming even greater responsibilities in communities and households.


A group of women in Mogadishu, Somalia, after leaving Toro-Toro, 100 kilometres away, because of a lack of water and food. Credit: OCHA

Floods, Hurricanes, and Droughts: When Climate Sets the Global Agenda

September 11, 2017

The most impacted continent by climate change and weather induced disasters – Africa, which contributes only 4 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions – is now experiencing back-to-back droughts that have left at least 8.5 million people in Ethiopia in dire need of food aid. At the same time, severe drought has deepened in Somalia with the risk of famine looming for about half the population.