Trump’s Budget Expands Global War on the Backs of the American Poor

May 23, 2017 Benjamin Dangl

“This Budget’s defining ambition is to unleash the dreams of the American people,” President Trump writes in his budget proposal, released today. While cutting government assistance for poor Americans, the budget notably beefs up annual military spending to the tune of $639 billion. Trump’s dream for America is a nightmare for the working class.

Global Left vs. Global Right: From 1945 to Today

May 17, 2017 Benjamin Dangl

In the ongoing structural crisis of the modern world-system, which began in the 1970s and will probably last another 20-40 years, the issue is not the reform of capitalism, but its successor system. If the Global Left is to win that battle, it must solidly ally the anti-austerity forces with the multicultural forces.

Necessary Trouble: A Field Guide for the Resistance

March 7, 2017 Benjamin Dangl

The resistance is everywhere. It’s in the streets and at the airports. It’s in public office and on Twitter. It’s with the Nazi-punchers and the general strikers. Resistance to Trump is everywhere, and it’s growing. Much of the current organizing against Trump is building off of the last decade of social movement activity in America.