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Kenya’s Rescheduled Elections Are a Triumph of Constitutionalism—but How Much Has Really Changed?

September 13, 2017 Super User

Source: The Nation

The country is now a tinderbox, in which supporters of the rival factions believe they can lose only if the other side rigs the results.

Nairobi—The celebrations are over, and the cold reality is dawning that the historic Supreme Court nullification of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s August 8 election victory presented only a temporary respite from Kenya’s toxic ethnic politics.

The repeat elections ordered by the Supreme Court have been scheduled for October 17, but already, familiar battle lines have been drawn. Veteran opposition campaigner Raila Odinga’s National Super Alliance, or NASA, vows that it will not take part in polls overseen by the same Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) indicted by the Supreme Court ruling. read more

At September 9th, pro-DACA rally in front of Idaho capitol building in Boise. Photo credit: Sam Mayfield

“We All Have Dreams:” Voices in Support of DACA from the Pacific Northwest

September 12, 2017 Super User

Thousands gathered in Boise, Idaho last Saturday to voice their support for DACA and protest Trump's plans to end the program. “There are so many injustices currently happening and DACA is not one of them,” Cristina, in attendance at the Boise rally, told Toward Freedom. “DACA students and DACA recipients are not criminals. They are students going to college, trying to be someone in life.”

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Naomi Klein: Season of Smoke

September 11, 2017 Super User

Source: The Intercept

In a Summer of Wildfires and Hurricanes, My Son Asks “Why Is Everything Going Wrong?”

The news from the natural world these days is mostly about water, and understandably so.

We hear about the record-setting amounts of water that Hurricane Harvey dumped on Houston and other Gulf cities and towns, mixing with petrochemicals to pollute and poison on an unfathomable scale. We hear too about the epic floods that have displaced hundreds of thousands of people from Bangladesh to Nigeria (though we don’t hear enough). And we are witnessing, yet again, the fearsome force of water and wind as Hurricane Irma — one of the most powerful storms ever recorded — leaves devastation behind in the Caribbean, with Florida now in its sights. read more

A group of women in Mogadishu, Somalia, after leaving Toro-Toro, 100 kilometres away, because of a lack of water and food. Credit: OCHA

Floods, Hurricanes, and Droughts: When Climate Sets the Global Agenda

September 11, 2017 Super User

The most impacted continent by climate change and weather induced disasters – Africa, which contributes only 4 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions – is now experiencing back-to-back droughts that have left at least 8.5 million people in Ethiopia in dire need of food aid. At the same time, severe drought has deepened in Somalia with the risk of famine looming for about half the population.

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Mass mobilization stopped nuclear war before and it can again

September 7, 2017 Super User

Source: Waging Nonviolence

The Trump administration is reviving the threat of nuclear war in a way that no other U.S. presidency has done since the Cold War.

While the confrontation with North Korea’s expanding nuclear and ballistic missile program has taken center stage, Trump’s ham-fisted engagement with Taiwan, missile strikes against the Russia-linked Assad regime in Syria and the rapid push for a nuclear weapons modernization program all contribute to a new and unique climate of nuclear threats. read more

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