French Presidential candidates Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen.

French Presidential Elections: How the Two Candidates Are Left Standing

April 25, 2017 Super User

The French Presidential election run-off will be between Emmanuel Macron, a 39 year-old Left-center economist who was for two years the Minister of the Economy in the current government, and Marine Le Pen, a Right-nationalist. The positions of the two are in clear opposition, especially as concerns European integration.

Radhya Almutawakel

Human Rights in the Yemeni Civil War: An Interview with Radhya Almutawakel

April 17, 2017 Super User

The first US drone strike under President Trump took place in the al-Baidha province and killed 15 civilians – ten children and five women. As usual with the drone program, transparency is absent. The new worrying development in these drone operations is the accompanying ground raids which seem random and careless about civilians.

Torture, Rendition, and Indefinite Detention Under Trump

April 17, 2017 Super User

When George W. Bush and Dick Cheney launched their forever wars—under the banner of a “Global War on Terror”—they unleashed an unholy trinity of tactics. Torture, rendition and indefinite detention became the order of the day. After a partial suspension of these policies in the Obama years, they now appear poised for resurrection.

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