Necessary Trouble: A Field Guide for the Resistance

March 7, 2017 Benjamin Dangl

The resistance is everywhere. It’s in the streets and at the airports. It’s in public office and on Twitter. It’s with the Nazi-punchers and the general strikers. Resistance to Trump is everywhere, and it’s growing. Much of the current organizing against Trump is building off of the last decade of social movement activity in America.

A 10-Point Plan to Stop Trump and Make Gains in Justice and Equality

January 25, 2017 George Lakey

I was among the 100,000 who marched in San Francisco’s Women’s March the day after Donald Trump’s inauguration. While enthusiasm for the struggle seemed high, an important question was looming: What’s the strategic plan, as we head into the Trump era? Although there’s no simple answer, I offer this 10-point plan — fully open for discussion and debate.

Standing Rock and the Return of the Nonviolent Campaign

January 12, 2017 George Lakey

Nonviolent campaigns are often dramatic and catch the attention of millions—think of Standing Rock water protectors resolute in the face of a brutal police force. All the more puzzling that the concept of a “nonviolent campaign” is little known and often ignored when people talk about how to mobilize power.

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