Mass Mobilization Stopped Nuclear War Before and It Can Again

October 31, 2017 Duncan Meisel

The Trump administration is reviving the threat of nuclear war in a way that no other U.S. presidency has done since the Cold War. It’s easy to feel disempowered in the face of such news, but the history of nuclear weapons since 1945 is one of extensive and frequent interventions by organized people in the United States and other countries to stop nuclear weapons deployments and nuclear war itself.

Protesters outside of the Boise event hosting Charles Murray.

White Supremacist Charles Murray Met with Protests in Idaho as National Mobilizations Against Racism Spread

August 29, 2017 Sam Mayfield and Ben Dangl

At a time when activists around the US are confronting Nazis, white supremacists, and fascists in the streets and in power, Idahoan protesters took a stand against racism in their predominantly Republican state. On Saturday, August 28, dozens of people gathered in Boise to voice their opposition to a political fundraising event hosting notorious white supremacist and sociologist Charles Murray. “His research and his so-called science is used to justify neo-Nazism and white nationalist movements,” one protester explained.

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