A woman sits with her child next the barrier separating the protesters from the Presidential Palace. All photos by Jeff Abbott.

Guatemala’s Government Palace and the Street: Indigenous Campesinos Occupy Capital to Protest Land Conflicts

August 17, 2017 Jeff Abbott

One hundred Q’eqchi Maya families have established an encampment next to the Presidential Palace in Guatemala City to protest the government's unwillingness to resolve agrarian conflicts in their territory. “We are here in front of the National Palace because of the failure of the state," indigenous activist Carlos Choc explained. "Our Q’eqchi communities have risen up."

Trump at speech for the Boy Scouts of America.

Donald Trump is Not a Boy Scout

July 25, 2017 Norman Stockwell

Trump recently went to the 19th National Scout Jamboree in West Virginia and addressed a crowd of 40,000 young scouts, and apparently, potential future Trump voters. His comments sounded more like a campaign rally than a talk to future young leaders.

Image of autodefensas from the book cover of Hermanos en Armas: Policías Comunitarias y Autodefensas (Brothers in Arms: Community Police and Self-Defense Movements) by Mexican journalist Luis Hernández Navarro.

“Cartel Land” Documentary Completely Misunderstands Mexico’s Autodefensa Movement

July 18, 2017 Alice Brooke Wilson

Violence in Mexico is surging back into the headlines – if current trends continue, deaths in 2017 could hit 30,000, making it the deadliest peacetime year on record. Attempts to stem the violence by Mexican and U.S. governmental agencies have failed spectacularly, and corruption reigns. In the face of this crisis, what alternatives exist? How do people living in the areas most affected negotiate the violence?

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