Lessons from the Front Lines of Anti-Colonial Pipeline Resistance

November 15, 2017 James Rowe and Mike Simpson

The Standing Rock standoff over the Dakota Access Pipeline was a reminder that colonization, and resistance to it, both exist in the present tense. Fossil fuel pipelines that despoil indigenous lands and waters have become key flashpoints in long-standing anti-colonial resistance. An important precursor and inspiration for the Standing Rock camp is an indigenous occupation in northern British Columbia, Canada.

Where Do 50 Million Tons a Year of Toxic E-Waste Go?

October 31, 2017 Baher Kamal

Each year, the electronics industry generates up to 41 million tons of e-waste, but as the number of consumers rises, and the lifespan of devices shrinks in response to demand for the newest and best, that figure could reach 50 million tons this year.

Why Native American Women Are Going After Europe’s Banks to Divest From Big Oil

October 23, 2017 Shannan Stoll

Last December, calls to defund the Dakota Access pipeline and “Stand with Standing Rock” led individuals to divest millions of dollars from banks extending credit to that project. As cities and tribes got involved, that amount increased to now more than $4 billion. Now, the movement that began at Standing Rock has gone global, since much of the Dakota Access pipeline funding came from overseas banks.

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