Selling Out Health Care Reform

The battle for health care reform is heating up in Congress. The House has already passed one bill, and the Senate is debating another version. But as Dr. Andy Coates explains, both bills will fail in solving the health care crisis--and, in fact, place a greater financial burden than ever on working people.


Public Option is Just Another Private Party – and We’re Not Invited

November 9, 2009 Sandy LeonVest

The elaborate Congressional circus whimsically referred to as 'healthcare reform' - the one that has held the nation captive since President Obama's earliest weeks in office - came complete with dancing clowns, disappearing acts and trained tigers jumping through hoops. But today the magic is gone.  The performance is degenerating. The public is beginning to understand what the political players knew all along - that this three ring circus was never meant to be more than a sideshow.


The Politics of Obesity in America

October 15, 2009 Al Huebner

A commercial that's been on television so many times that I've lost count begins by showing a cheeseburger that is a leading product of a fast food chain. Then it focuses on the cheeseburger of a rival chain, boasting that the latter has more meat and more cheese.


Health Care: Will Obama Have Veto Courage?

October 5, 2009 Joel S. Hirschhorn

Odds are pretty good that after some tortuous meetings and awful compromises by House and Senate bigwigs whatever health reform law is passed by Congress will not be close to what most thoughtful people want.  Especially not what progressives and liberals wanted from a Democrat controlled Congress.  Will President Obama act with integrity?


From Obama to Health Care Reform: Corporate Corruption in America

September 16, 2009 Joel S. Hirschhorn

Anyone smart and strong enough to fight delusional thinking and who pays attention to current events should clearly see that corporate corruption of the US political system is so pervasive and powerful that there will be no genuine reform of both the health care and financial sectors. Obama's so-called reform efforts and ludicrous federal deficit spending should disappoint all his non-delusional supporters.

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