Will Halliburton Come Between You and Your Health Care?

August 26, 2009 Sandy LeonVest

Would Americans who don't want government coming between them and their health care prefer Halliburton play the role of the decider? One way or the other, we would all do well to pay close attention to what's going on in California right now. If the Golden State's reputation as a 'trend setter' holds true for health care, those in need of affordable health insurance could find themselves up against private contractors like Halliburton.


People Power Versus Lobbyists in the Health Care Debate

July 30, 2009 Jonathan Leavitt

As high profile congressional committees debate Barack Obama's health reform bill in Washington D.C., another parallel health care debate is playing out in the picturesque state of Vermont. The differences in both the tenor and the substance of the two debates couldn't be more profound.


Health Care: Third World Scene With an American Setting

July 29, 2009 Howard Berkes

Wise County Fairgrounds
It was a Third World scene with an American setting. Hundreds of tired and desperate people crowded around an aid worker with a bullhorn, straining to hear the instructions and worried they might be left out. Some had arrived at the Wise County Fairgrounds in Wise, Virginia, two days before. They drove in from 16 states, anxious to relieve pain, diagnose aches and see and hear better.


No Reason to Favor Private Health Insurers

July 2, 2009 Joel S. Hirschhorn

In the national debate about health care reform absolutely nothing makes less sense than the positive views of much of the public about private health insurers.  There is no good reason to have positive views of private health insurers, the companies that have relentlessly increased the costs for very limited health insurance. 

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