Global Left vs. Global Right: From 1945 to Today

May 17, 2017 Immanuel Wallerstein

In the ongoing structural crisis of the modern world-system, which began in the 1970s and will probably last another 20-40 years, the issue is not the reform of capitalism, but its successor system. If the Global Left is to win that battle, it must solidly ally the anti-austerity forces with the multicultural forces.

An Education in Solidarity: Co-ops Make Gains at Concordia University in Montreal

April 25, 2017 James Anderson

“I liken cooperatives – newer cooperatives – to being like … trying to construct a plane while it’s flying,” explains Andrew Alford, who is involved in one of three solidarity co-ops based at Montreal's Concordia University in Montreal. A look toward a cooperative cafe, bookstore, and bar at Concordia shows how an alternative model of business and work is possible.

The Base is Not Enough: Labor Organizing Under Trump Means Civil Disobedience and Bridge-Building

November 30, 2016 Jamie K. McCallum

In the immediate aftermath of Trump’s electoral victory, progressives quickly remembered radical labor activist Joe Hill’s evocative call to his supporters on the eve of his execution—“don’t mourn, organize.” But Hill’s command is more of a battle cry than a battle plan. The most difficult question is still front and center: What is the best way to organize against Trump’s regime?

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