Deadly Facts: How So-Called Objectivity Created a Culture of Conformity

March 10, 2017 Greg Guma

About a century ago the Western world entered an age of artificial substitutes, technical ingenuity, mechanical products, technological values, and accelerating motion. The watchword of that age was objectivity – a highly illusive standard for both leaders and the led. In particular, the notion of objectivity deeply affected the emerging mass communications industry, which before long was serving as one of the most powerful tools of global social management.

Paid Off in Passion: The Life Lessons of John Ross’s Rebel Reporting

March 9, 2016 Ramor Ryan

For John Ross, nothing less than total emersion is enough. Reporting is a way of life, not a job, and intrinsic to that is taking sides – on the side of truth and against power. A good reporter is a partisan who, he asserts, “makes people angry, encourages organization, offers them hope that another world is possible." 

Sony Esteus and Community Radio in Haiti

March 12, 2015 Beverly Bell

On the last day of his life, popular radio advocate Sony Estéus was to attend the opening of Voice of Ile-à-Vâche Community Radio, the newest in an expanding network of grassroots stations throughout Haiti.

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