The Non-Aligned Road: Toward Freedom in Africa

May 20, 2013 Greg Guma

In 1954 the Soviet Union tested its first hydrogen bomb. In the summer negotiations between France, Britain, Vietnam, China and the USSR ended the Indochina War. In Chicago, Toward Freedom’s education and organizing mission was taking shape.

Don’t Forget: A Review of George Orwell’s Diaries

May 15, 2013 Kristian Williams

George Orwell's journals assess events from the perspective of the past looking forward, rather than from the perspective of our present looking back. They thus refreshingly remind us of the uncertainty of the time, the contingency of history, and the moral and political complexity so often lost to the editors of historical volumes.

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Articles by Greg Guma

March 26, 2013 Greg Guma

Greg Guma is an author, editor and the former CEO of Pacifica Radio. He lives in Vermont and writes about politics and culture on his blog, Maverick Media.

Below are the collected articles Guma has written for Toward Freedom.

Peaceful Revolutions and the Power of Disobedience

Defenders of Freedom: Why Anarchism Is Misunderstood

Addicted to War: The Seductive Myths of Militarism

It CAN Happen Here: Meet Friendly Fascism

We’re All Socialists Sometimes

The Trump Effect: Falling for Successful Psychopaths

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Vermont: One Tiny State’s Movement to Ban Private Prisons

January 24, 2013 Jonathan Leavitt

Vermont, the most progressive state in America, spent over $14 million last year to lock up Vermonters in for profit prison like Lee Adjustment Center in Kentucky. A dialogue about mass incarceration, budget crises, and privatization is unfolding. A group of Vermonters working out of Church basements and living rooms is attempting to build a movement to push this conversation forward by passing a historic law banning Vermont’s use of for-profit prisons.

TF President Robin Lloyd

Predictions for the Next Five Years of Social and Political Struggle

January 8, 2013 Robin Lloyd

It seems the world has survived December 21st. But will humanity survive the relentless and reckless pursuit of resources and wealth that capitalism continues to foist upon us? Or will the yearning for change represented by the Occupy movement and the Mayan ‘New Age’ of renewal help us make the ‘evolutionary leap’ to a new path for humanity? We hope so.

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