Women and the War on Drugs

April 14, 2016 Robin Lloyd

The War on Drugs condones a form of macho violence. In earlier decades, that violence was played out between cops and robbers, then cowboys and Indians, and now the DEA and narco traffickers. The War allows men to find an excuse to be violent and to militarize societies. Women lose in time of war.

Women Farmers and Land Grabs in Haiti: An Interview With Iderle Brénus

February 19, 2016 Beverly Bell

"In Haiti, the majority of the people working the land are women. Not only are they there during planting, weeding and harvesting, but they also play a role in transforming and marketing food products. They're involved in the entire agricultural production process. This is why we call women the poto mitan, central pillar, of the country." - Iderle Brénus

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